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Cheaper Aluminum for Sub

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wanted to share a vendor. I found this guy during an internet search. I've ordered a few times and the aluminum always sublimates beautifully. There was a little issue with shipping costs at first, but I emailed the owner and he has come down on those prices as well. If you have a special need or order he will accommodate. Just figured I'd share it with everyone.Aluminum License Name plates Car Tags

some examples

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Good find. How fast do they get the order shipped after ordering ?
Usually I get the order within n4-5 days at the longest. Shortest was 3. The last two times they shipped flat rate. That's were the shipping became an issue. I was charged $19 for shipping. I spoke with the owner and I believe any order below $30 will ship for $10 now.
Check digitalgrafx.biz. they are UV coated and he has free shipping on 200 pieces, $239.95. Good quality, been using them for years and always the best prices on the blanks I buy.
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Even cheaper. Nice!

How do either of these compare to the Unisub tags ?

How about fading ?
So far no issues on my end. Never tried the unisub but I'm sure they're comparable. Currently the small plates I'm ordering come out to 1.18 each. For smaller orders it's a pretty good price
Just to throw out another alternative, try contacting Brian Genrich at Rallye Productions in Wisconsin. They have a good aluminum (2 sided too) and will do custom sizes and shapes.

It's the same metal we use for our pet tags and military dog tags, and Rallye's service has always been exceptional. I'll be happy to give the contact info to anyone that wants it.

Good luck.

Please share it. Always lookin to keep options open
Please share it. Always lookin to keep options open

You can reach Brian at eight hundred 236-2036
bgenrich (at) rallyeproductions.com

Brian's a great guy and a great resource for several things. Good luck!
I'll check them out. Thanks
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