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Cheap Ebay Illumapress Heat Press

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I just recently dove into the world of heat presses!

:eek:I took a gamble and decided to go the cheap route- here is the item I purchased-

NEW 15X15 T-SHIRT HEAT PRESS MACHINE 15 X 15 BLACK HP - eBay (item 190403641182 end time Jun-18-10 17:15:44 PDT)

I opened up the box and found that it was pretty well packed for such a heavy item. At first glance it looked ok, but then I started to LOOK at it. The back of the machine was misaligned and a screw looked as if it wasnt all the way in and was bent, the teflon plate looks misaligned (not centered) and the digital timer plate is wiggly and unsecured. Other than those things, the press had cheapo metallic stickers on it that I promptly removed...It seems very heavy and sturdy, it opens and closes very easily.

I am not one to judge by appearance, especially since it was a bargain at $220 including shipping, so if it gets the job done I could care less. I did contact the seller and all they said is that they are brand new when they ship out and it probably happened in shipping. They said that I can tighten the loose digital timer by opening the back of the machine and resetting it- I will try this tonight.

Anyways, so I put it up on my work area and plugged it in. It immediately turned on the temp gauge- I set it to 305 degrees F and it starts counting up as it got hot. It definately got hot quickly- I just wanted to make sure it turned on and started heating so I then powered off and unplugged- I was very limited on time and will go home tonight and experiment more- I do not have anything to test right now- I have to install my cutter I just got in before I can test the press. I have a good heat gun that I will check it with.

Will keep you posted! Wish me luck!

----Go figure- I order the cutter, the press, then the vinyl. They come arrive in this order- vinyl, press, then cutter----
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----Go figure- I order the cutter, the press, then the vinyl. They come arrive in this order- vinyl, press, then cutter----
LOL! Not laughing at you, I just thought that this kind of stuff only happened to me =)
I purchased on of these two months ago. Mine was banged up and I would have said it was a shipping issue but some of the dents were rusted.I had a rush job so I had to use it, Anyway it works great no worries, the older I get the more I believe you get what you pay for.

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I finally was able to use my press- left it running for around an hour or two and held temp- Did a great job-can't figure out the timer though- but so far it is serving its purpose- we will see how long it lasts.

All the company could say is that all items are shipped brand new and it happened in shipping-
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