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I am trying to get hold of some nice celtic type designs to put on the front right hand side of a tshirt and am trying to find a nice one. I only want a one colour design as it going to be white only ink on a black shirt. Where is the best place to gwt these desing form or has anyone got a couple of nice ones they are willing to share. The print size will be approx 18cm long x 8cm wide, but any desins would be good as I can change a little to fit what i am after. You may email me some if you are willing to share to [email protected] any help would be much appreciated and I maybe able to help you in return with some of my own desings or graphics which I have. I do have alot of nice fish images if anyone wants some of them I am willing to share alot of these have been done by myself and my graphic designer of photos we have taken ourselves whilst out fishing and turned into nice digital prints.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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