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I'm brand new to vinyl cutters and I'm working on a line of t-shirts.
I've been trying to cut some glitter and running into some issues I'm hoping you can help me problem solve.

The test cuts come out looking good but when I tried to cut the actual art all the edges started curling up. The art is fairly complex but I had another guy do it at one point and it came out looking great so I don't think it's too much for the cutter to handle. Wondering what settings you think I might fiddle with to get it to come out right.

I have a 60 degree blade installed.
These are the conditions I currently have set up after doing some experimenting and cutting a few test cuts.

Tool Type: CB09U-60
Offset: 0
Speed: 30 cm/s
Acceleration: 2
Cut force: 28 (played around alot with this one. works great in test cuts at 27/28)
Step Pass: 1
Offset Force: 4
Offset Angle: 30

I attached a picture of the issue I'm having, a screen shot of all my settings, the test cuts that came out good and the sample I got before.



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I use a Graphtec 5000 series and so it should be about the same, to me it looks like your blade is out to far also, as Binki said slow the machine down until you get comfortable with it, looks like your settings are about right to me but I set my offset to 0. What brand of vinyl are you using? Maybe you could take the blade out and put a Little sewing machine oil on the blade ( not the cutting part) so that it spins freely.
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