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CC100-20, cutting master and I CS4

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im asking for help because ive searched all over the forums and watched all of graphtecs videos, and still have the same problem, and cant fix it.

i have a cc100-20 cutter and im using Illustrator CS4 and Cutting master v1.61.

my problem is the following

ive created my design on CS4, and set the registration marks using CM2 rectangle conversion option.

ive printed this and put it on my cc100-20, using the carrier sheet, since the design is 89 x 119 mm, and clicked on cut/plot of the CM2.

as i click cut/plot, and then click send on the menu, the arms will move, but not to where the design is, all this trying to read the registration marks, BUT if i take the reg marks off it will cut in the general area of where i told him the design is on the carrier sheet, but this means its unaccurate as i have to do it by MY eye and not the Cutters eye.

i hope i explained what i meant if not please ask me and ill try to specify more

Thanks in advance
Mr. Iggy
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