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Caution when buying Equipmet

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New and trying to get started, I have spent roughly two months reading and searching for a couple pieces of equipment to get me started in the tee shirt end of the sublimation.
Well I finally decided on buying a DK20S and a Roland GS 24.. Now where should I buy them? Based in PA and unsure where to purchase I requested via Roland to be contacted by a vendor. I was contacted by a vendor based in Hackensack NJ, I'll just use some initials here (TIS), after speaking to there rep\ salesman I asked for a quote which I rejected, he then gave me a second quote with show discount and all, I decided to think about and called them back to go ahead with the purchase. It should be noted that I confirmed with each individual that I talked to about this equipment, it was new not refurbished or used, I was assured each time it was Brand New. So I decided that I would go ahead with the purchase, I contact them and dealt with a second person, again confirming the equipment is New, I made payment in full and set a day to come pick up the equipment.
Eye opening day, I find the place tell them who I am and what I was there to pick up. The fellow then shows me a DK20S sitting on top of a folding table and tells me this is it, I instantly explained that no mine would be new and in a carton. He tried to tell me that it is New, I explained that it was apparently used or a demo model due to the amount of scratches
and dust and dirt which was on it. He then pointed out that the Roland was in two cartons, which they were.
Needless to say I refused, they put me on a cell with supposedly the owner of the company, sorry at this point not having any of this.
I demanded a refund which they did after another phone call.
The whole point of this post is to warn all of the unscrupulous company in Hackensack NJ with the initials (TIS), use caution when dealing with this or any other companies.
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