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Emulsion or Capilary film

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Capillary film vs emulsion

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I visited a friends shop and saw how easy an fast it was to apply capillary film, they cleaned the screens and applied the film all at the same time.
The cost per screen of emulsion is so small I’m not sure we can justify the cost of switching. I’m curious how many have made the switch.
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I am a low volume shop. I do all wholesale printing but the majority of my work is wide format printing for signs, vehicle wraps, banners, etc. since we don’t do a ton of screens, I use cap film. Since I can clean a screen and immediately apply film and put it back in the drying cabinet, it saves me a lot of time in cleaning and the mess that is sometimes made with emulsion. It just made sense to spend the $0.75 per screen and get the nice, even coating. The only down side I see is that if you are developing the screen from the inside, sometimes you blow out detail so I wet the inside when I’m done exposing and then develop only from the outside of the screen to make sure that I don’t loose anything.

Some people may say I loose detail because I didn’t apply the film correctly but basic physics says that if something is only on one side of the screen, if you spray from the screen side, you are pushing against the only thing the grabbing onto the screen. If you push from the film side, the grid of the screen provides the strength for the film to hold onto and only blows the non-exposed film through the grid of the screen. Works like a charm.

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How does cap film work with fine detail like skinny lines and halftone dots? I've never tried it but if it's only 75¢ per screen I could be interested. I don't think liquid emulsion costs any less than that and it would be nice to make less of a mess....
I did a half tone screen with it a couple weeks ago and had great results. I’m using the Ulano EZ film 50 orange that comes in 15x17. I misquoted the price though. I was thinking I buy them in 100 packs but I’m getting them in 50 packs at $74 making them almost $1.50ea. I apologize for the misinformation but the results of using the film is so much better for my workflow.

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I experimented with the EZ orange film but found that it does not hold up well during long runs nor does it reclaim easily. That said, ulano new vision is amazing.

It holds up to the most aggressive on press cleaners, reclaims super easy and is forgiving during the exposure process.

Probs 2 dollars a screen though...
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