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Good evening everyone. I have a Janome MB4 that I out grew within a month and then purchased a Melco Bravo B package. I have had the Bravo for 1 year and it has sat for 6 months or more with issues. This machine will not sew a clean satin stitch ever. We need a bigger sew field than the B package offers. Also, that cap sew field is 2.25 inch tall so I am limited to 2 inches or it distorts the image.

We can purchase the A package for $2500 for the larger flat sew field and Pro Design Shop but that doesn't fix the 2 inch cap sew field problem.

I'm looking at the Tajima machines that have a cap sew field of 3.25 inches. Can someone tell me what embroidery machines have the largest cap sew field? I have a single head but am not opposed to a multi head or bridge machine.

Thank you!

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