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So i learned a few things this week ..
1- I dont know what i am doing
2 - I cant say no to those in need of help
3- I got in over my head
4- I dont know wtf I am doing ..

with that being said i am lookin for some expertise advice ..

I did research watched the videos thought i was a a certified hat press pro after youtube .. yep im not ..

ok .. so heres my problem

I ordered AUGUSTA ATHLETIC MESH CAP (ag573 i believe)
[and i ordered this type because i needed a large variety of colors quickly)

the hat its self is 100 % poly

I cut out the vinyl myself using a thermoflex sports .. ( i am thinking of maybe gettin a video flex .. our nearest store and what we prefer is one source ..

i press the hats and it melts thru .. i knew we would have some problems because its mesh but the inside of the hat roundness isnt the same as the platen ..

i didnt want to get into hats and am super new and havent ventured out past screen print one color and vinyl names and numbers ... which im happy with not venturin ..
i got tricked into doin this for our baseball league to save them money ..

does anyone have any advice ..

tips on gettin the hat on there ..

pressure ..

anything ....


thanks in advance .. i love this forum .. i just wish i was the one given the advice instead of always askin for it ..

one day i will .. ( a girl can dream right )

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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