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Canvas Art Print done on FreeJet 330TX

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Check out this canvas art print I did with a FreeJet 330TX. The print is also coated with a texture clear to give it an oil painting look and feel. These are great because the mark up is huge.


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I am going to be posting a video soon on how this is done, keep a look out
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You always were a master at canvas printing. Another great print!
Thanks so much Chuck, good to hear from you.
This is incredible! Can't wait to see how to do it.
I just posted a canvas print video on youtube, it may be considered a sales video so i dont want to break any rules. If you would like to see it just search OmniPrint and click on our channel for all our videos, lots of new stuff being created daily.
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Dude... Paul... That is a well documented video. Thank you so much for taking the time to pot such an informative tutorial on canvas printing. I cant wait to try it out now...
Thank you, like anything if you take the time to look at your market and offer this it can really be a money maker. Sure your not going to print as many as t-shirts but who knows. The main thing is the profit margins are so big. I think when you get a shirt job and its an image that makes sense to print on a canvas also, it should be offered. When its something that has a meaning to a customer, a car, a dog, a person or just good art.Thanks again for your comment!
Just did a new article in PrintWear on canvas, give it a look on page 76.
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