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Cant print film with new Mac (Intel)?? Do we need Acurip?

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New to forum posts (have read & learned tons for past couple yrs - thanks all for sharing). We recently upgraded our art computer, a Mac 5.6, to a new Mac 6.2 (w/Intel). I'm not a Mac guy or directly involved with our art dept, but since I was most familiar w/ Tshirt Forums, I've decided to seek help. I'm told our new system will not run our film printer - Epson 4800. (I'm in production, so this is how I got involved). To my knowledge, we have used Fast Rip, have talked for hours with their techs w/out luck. Have heard mixed things, including Mac w/ intel won't run it - period.

Don't know if this is true and that the "intel" inside the Mac is the problem for sure? Can we purchase another software to print film on our 4800 (AcuRip?) and if so what'll that cost.

We've been printing on velum the past week on an HP InkJet, which I've learned creates other challenges (exposure times for ex). Velum I'm guess could save us $, but I wonder if we'll be satisfied after printing film w/ 4800 for past couple yrs.

We've started to wonder which is best suited for our small volume shop (velum or film). We already have it, but should we be using a different printer than our 4800. Would love to hear some suggestions or what others are using.
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I haven't heard of Macs not being able to print film, but hopefully another member here will have more info on RIP compatibility and be able to chime in with more information.
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Hi its not the intel in the Mac! Its probable that you need to download the latest driver for you particular Epson model. Before you install the new driver goto the System Preferences / Print & Fax and remove your Epson Printer from the list with the minus button shown bottom left of the list. This ensures a clean install for the new Epson drivers. All should then be well. AcuRip does what it says on the tin. It enables you to control the black ink going onto the film. Put crudely you need a rip to create solid blacks and quality halftones. Too many people waste hours creating black separations as layers or even separate files in Corel or Illustrator and print them directly to the printer with no respect for over printing choke or knock out. All you need is spot colours defined in the image. The rip then prints the spot colours as black on the film. Velum is harder to hold fine detail. I would always recommend film. It is always easier to control and much more stable ensuring a good fit between colours. Check out the special blacks that are available from the guys who make AcuRip. I use it and its great, I am based in the UK are you?


Jan [email protected]
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Thanks for your input Jan. I'm told we did a clean install of the Epson 4800 drivers (web download, so it would have latest & greatest). It's a new Mac, so any old Epson drivers wouldn't be there to remove. We're going to explore AcuRip some more, and probably get our old G5 back online with older CS3 software installed, so we can at least continue as we had been. The film is much better to work with than vellum I've been using this week (which we print with an HP Laser Jet). The stencils just don't have as crisp of edges as we were used to with film.

I'm not in UK - Am in the Pacific Northwest.
We have Accurip because the printer we have has a blackmax system and we want to make sure that everything looks as it should. It is possible to print directly to an old school prim imager, but with the new printers it's better to use Accurip.
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Are you having problems with the printer or just with the rip software I'm running a Mac but I have parallels so I can run windows7 and osx
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Thought I replied earlier, but have yet to see it post. So we'll try it again. (sorry if duplicate) I'm told by our art dept that our printer still works fine, it's the FastRip that isn't working (since installing a new intel-based iMac)

Can you tell us about "parallels" and how they might help our situation ... or direct us to a source for that?

Appreciate your feedback and time.

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