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Can't get Film to print dark enough

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I had Corel X5 on a desktop. The printer settings and everything got me by and I printed waterproof film on my Epson 1430 just fine. The computer crashed and I have X5 on my laptop. No matter what settings I use I can not get the film to be dark enough. This is driving me absolutely crazy and I do not even know where to begin. Someone please help...
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Do you use accurip? On your printer do you have all black ink or CMYK ink? I haven't burned a screen in a while but I remember somewhere there's an option to use all black in or all of the CMYK carts. I think that option was in accurip, but I could be wrong on that.
I do not use accurip due to the lack of needing half tones. I have CMYK inks (Genuine Epson).
Does your printer have a setting for all black ink? If so, use that and it will only use the black ink. I haven't ever done half tones but I got the accurip to be able to print just black ink.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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