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Can't get a hold of All American

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They have had my Neoflex for 2 days and I can't get a hold of them to find out when it will be done. Come on guys this is unacceptable service.
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How many times you called? When? Log in call time if you can.
Keep calling. 3000 extension. 215-634-2235
Make sure leave message. They will listen all.
You seem Newbie by your post counts. Probably some simple questions. If so please address here.
Cheers! Inks are on me always.
Peter - how is anybody here, other than All American, supposed to have any idea how to answer his questions about his Neoflex that you have in Philly? Doesn't seem like a newbie question to me.
Thanks for your concerning which I do appreciate a lot. Been took cared. I called and many also did. Without your worries we will/can handle and maintain top service. So~ Do me a favor.
And he is newbie. You are wrong again. :) same as I always wrong. Trained month ago. And set up yesterday. He said he forgot most of it. I said not a big deal I forgot what happened yesterday. Impossible to remember month ago. We laughed.
Ps: NeoFamily, Marc is not/never one of us. One point he approached me to be one but We could not make/accept the deal.
I see his "thanks" on which ever my opposite opinion posts. Especially on Epson area. I hope there are no personal feeling.:)
Marc, do you need a microscope?
All were calm and peace for while here. I never jump over any turf too.
Cheers! Beers are on me always.
I read Peter's post entirely differently Marc.

I believe what Peter meant when he referred to Paul4freedom and newbie was that he was a newcomer to the NeoFamily & the board having just 3 posts. I'm sure Peter didn't mean the question was a newbie question, there was certainly no hint of criticism on Peter's part.

The fact that Paul4freedom couln't get through to AA concerned Peter and he got onto it straight away. As for why Paul4freedom couldn't get through will no doubt be investigated - there can be all sorts of reasons as I'm sure you know.

Some people jump in to soon to criticise, they're usually the ones who are rather jealous of the support structure that really exists within Neo land.

It seems rather strange that on the one hand you state you haven't posted in some years because of all the bickering and 'in fighting' and then, when you do return, what do you do - bicker.

Just my thoughts of course and one thing's for sure from my standpoint is, I'm damn glad I purchased a NeoFlex.
@Paul4freedom. I'm sure you'll get a resolution soon and if you're in need of help, just post here. I have posted many videos on all aspects of NeoFlex ownership that you might find helpful and you're very welcome to view them.
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