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I found 1 post from 2008 that had info on a Canon pro9000 for printing film but it didn't contain much.

Yes, I know it is possible and yes, I have realized there are better ink jets out there. But it is what I have and it was free so I am working on exhausting my options of this printer while I save up for a better set up.

I picked up some Rite waterproof film from Ryonet the week to do some testing on how black I can get it to print. The print is smooth without banding but there is lots of light coming through when it hits the light table.

I am using the standard Canon ink for the printer and trying to set the black as dark as possible by doing a rich black of 30c, 30m, 30y, 100k.

Is there a way to trick the printer to print twice as much ink? Should I be trying something else?

My work is simple, flat, vector based art and I am currently printing out of illustrator.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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