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1. Do I really need accurip and is accurip only for half-tone dots like some people are telling me ?
Never used a RIP and I've been doing this for 10 years.
For high volume environments a minute or two saved per design by using a RIP makes a difference.
Also good for people with little or zero graphics skills.

2. For PAPER TYPE I choose photo gloss paper, is there another paper type that I should use to get even better results.
Perfect for your printer.

3. I use 13x19 transparency film sheets. I select A3 for size. Am I choosing the right one or should I use A3+BODERLESS?
Makes no difference, unless you need to use the additional space.

The films/sheets are coming out fine but some letters or lines look jagged.
You are probably printing raster images.
Printing vector at 300 PPI should solve the issue.
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