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okay i'm new to this, but by question is. i have a canon ip90 printer, how can i use it do make transfers for on shirts?

1.what materials do i need to buy?
2.how do i use the ip90 for the transfers?
3.how and what do i need to ne anle to put onto a shirt/hoodie ect...
4.what all do i need to do it, lke do i need to buy a heat press or can a iron work??

i appreciate any/all feedback ......thanks

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Hi Spool,

I used a canon pixma ip4000, it has regular dye ink, the only transfer paper that ink works on is Jetprosofstretch/JPSS. Dye ink will wash off the other transfer papers.

For this printer you can only use it for JPSS and at that, order a small sample of paper to test it with your printer ink to make sure you get the same great results I did.

If you don't get great results, order an Epson printer with pigment ink for now. Epson.com shows you the printers and what ink is in them.

YOu can use a hand iron, but it is extremely slow and very laborious to make shirts this way. A press is much more efficient, applies better "all over" pressure and is extremely fast compared to hand iron. Only hand iron for as long as needed and get a press as soon as funds allow.

You will need a press, a wholesale supplier for shirts/hoodies/etc, transfer paper, teflon sheets (or silicone or parchment paper to protect the upper platen from messes), and a printer that works with the paper.
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