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Cannot install and run Expert 24

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I am fed up now of installing and uninstalling my Expert 24. My computer tells me all is installed OK! but nothing happens when I try to send my design from Corel X4 direct to the cutter. Has anyonelse had problems with this cutter? Could it be it will not run direct from Corel X4, as I am told by GCC that it will.
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There could be many things that is causing this,, I would call GCC 1-909-718-0248 and get in contact with tech support, they have been very good on getting people up and running, they will go in virtually to your computer and set things up correctly for you. You have to ask them to help you and e mails won't do.
Have you tried disabling your Virus protection software and/or firewall?

I also agree that calling GCC will most likely solve your issues.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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