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Can you use a used printer for transfers?

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Hello, I am new here and trying to get help getting started making t-shirts. I am looking to get a epson 1430 printer to be able to print heat transfers. My question is that I am wanting to buy a used epson 1430 for now to get my feet wet before spending more money on brand new. I am wondering if I can use a printer that has already been used with regular home and office printing ink in it? Someone told me I have to buy a new printer that has never had ink in it before, if I wanted to use it for t-shirt heat transfers type inks. Not sure if this is true? Thank you!
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I use a standard office/home printer when doing transfers such as a photograph onto material. You just use transfer papers and an inkjet printer with the standard inks it comes with are fine.
Are you wanting to use a different type of ink?
If you are talking about sublimation, then it should be okay. Even if you're buying a new printer it is recommended that you run the company's ink through the machine first in order to make sure it works. You know, in case it's a dud and you have to exchange it under warranty. Because if you take a brand new machine and fire it up with inks other than what the manufacturer approves of, you have instantly voided the warranty.

So it should be okay. Just follow the proper procedure(s) to get the dye sub ink through the lines and to the print head.
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