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Can you print or press a watercolor painting onto a T-shirt

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Is it possible to print a scan of a watercolor painting onto a T-shirt?
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DTG printing would be your best option for this
Watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings as well as many other full color original fine art pieces are difficult to separate for screen printing--DTG or transfer would be the most cost effective option--assuming you're not doing thousands of them.
we take digi pic's of the artists work, sublimation works great, we do lots of tile work for our local artists. good luck uncletee.
Thanks for your reply. Can you use cotton with sublimation?
We have some great shirts for sublimation, watercolor looks best on a white canvas, t-shirt, mug, tile. I can print one for you if you send me artwork. have a nice day uncletee.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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