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Can you HELP!! me choose the right equipment.?

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I am new to this. I have a Hix heat press and hat press. I used to order transfers from Stahls years ago and make shirts and hats for my wifes business. Recently I have been approched by a non proffit organization that would like me to make about 500 teeshirts and hats per year for them and also about 15 banners for there events. I cant see doing this unless I make my own transfers and vinyl signs. Can annyone advise me on what I need to start? I have been looking at a Epson 1100 for transfers and a vinyl cutter for signs. Not sure what I need but the quality has to be as good as what they can order from the local shops..Any advise would be greatly appriciated..Thanks..
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Rick. For that kind of quantity I would recommend having custom transfers made. It will provide the professional look and eliminate the need for you to print the transfer paper.
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