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! Can You HELP A Nubie With A Problem !

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Can You HELP A Nubie With A Problem !

I am using an Epson C88+ ( Durobrite Ink Cart. ) w/ JPSS for lights for paper, heat press and printing on a 50-50 white tee-shirt.

I did the artwork of a cream colored yacht, boat name on top along w/ the owners name below the yacht.

4.5W x 3H

The picture looked good in photoshop, it looked good on a paper test and it looked good on the JPSS paper.

I printed it in MS Word and the printer settings are :
Plain Paper / Bright White
Epson Vivid Color Mode
Color Settings for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Saturation, Brightness and Contrast are set to 0 ( zero )
Color Management set to Color Controls

However when I did the tee-shirt as per the instructions and lifted the paper off, the cream color of the boat had a green tint, it almost looked green ??? All the other colors were fine.

Can anyone give me help on this??

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Re: Can You HELP A Nubie With A Problem !

Hi Juice,
Many ppl have had color issues with the Epson Durabrite Inks (i.e color shifting), I myself have also had an issue with images pressing "dull" with no vibrancy in the color. Take a look at the thread I started for this, it has AWESOME suggestions from various members. One thing that is always suggested is that you adjust your color settings b/c Durabrite tends to have an issue with color shifting in the yellow ink. That may be your issue, some settings I've tried include:

Magenta +5
Yellow - 15 to -25

You can try several settings and see what works best for you. Here is the link for more tips: http://www.t-shirtforums.com/heat-press-heat-transfers/t60748.html

Hope this helps...
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Hey Juice, were you able to fix this? Tasha gave you the first step to try, hopefully that solved it - it works for me. Sometimes it doesn't in which case sometimes folks simply need to ditch the Durabrite and go with 3rd party re-fill carts or a bulk system (cheaper to do anyway, OEM carts are expensive.) Here is a thread for you if you need to go this way:


Don't mind the title, Melissa chimes in here with info on the Durabrite, and her other threads are linked in this one post. :) Good luck to you.
just did a garment bag and used the the settings listed above and it WORKED !!! Thanks much for the advise!!

Congrats !!! on getting things set the way you need . You can now make some great products and don't forget to share some pics. .... JB
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