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Can you heat press on skate boards?

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Can you use a heat press machine to press on skate boards?

Pretty much the same as a shirt?
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sort of similar.
the transfer sheets are very similar (could be the exact same as the ones used for dark garments for all i know, the ones i saw beeing used for boards had a white backing). the major difference is how they are applied, for a skateboard you need to use a roller heat press (i believe that's the term).
Hmmm... I wonder what the difference is?
Hmmm... I wonder what the difference is?
regular heat press is flat, used for flat items. I would think a skateboard, or some boards, may be curvature in shape, whereas a roller works 'over' the board not onto it.:rolleyes:
So what luck has anyone had trying to heat press on a skate board.
I've seen guys screen printing on them and using a conveyor dryer. Also, is a skate board wood or plastic? Normally you don't need to heat press on wood or plastic.

I met a guy that had laser transfers and he said he used a regular heat press.
I got some transfer from a china company and theres were made to be put on with a hot laminator.
Which I don't have so they sit here hung on the wall.

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