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Can you heat press a design onto a polyvinyl jacket?

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Hello, I have a jacket that is made of 76% polyvinyl and 24% cotton. I need to put a design on the back and I usually heat press all of my designs, but I have not come across this material before. It seems like it would melt under the press so now I'm trying to find another method to put a design on the jacket and I was wondering if anyone here had any ideas. Thanks!
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Are you heat pressing vinyl? It should work. I would use a lower temp. vinyl like Easyweed. If there is a hidden area where you can do a small test press so much the better.
I would also like to know ;)

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Yes, ideally I would like to heat press vinyl on to the jacket. The problem is it's a dance costume so there really is no room for error or testing. Maybe I will look to see if I can find something else made of that material to test on.
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