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Can you gang vinyl for output?

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Just wondering if once you make your file in Corel, how can you print multiple copies of it without needing to hit "send to cutter" each time?

You know, sort of like hitting print on a printer and then when the dialog box opens you can select any number of prints.

I'd like to do this so that it prints as many images in a row. It seems that printing one at a time will print only 1 image and than forward the roll to start printing again which wastes a lot of vinyl. That is, unless you hit "origin point" after each print.

What I like about the cutter driver is that once I make a file, I can have it automatically scale it down to a different height just by inputting a height into it rather than redoing the design dimensions in Corel.

This seems to be a major bonus for vinyl over plastisol. You make your design in an "XL" size and then you can print it smaller for Mediums, smaller yet for Ladies and Kids and toddlers without having to get new screen set-ups. Nor do you just create that one-size-fits-all setup.
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I am using the Graphtec CE5000-60, but hopefully this will help. When I send the cut job I use Cutting Master 2, which is a graphtec add-on to Draw. CM2 allows me to cut as many copies as I wish.
Let's say I have a big design that I shrank to be at only 50% by saying my vinyl was only "that" big. If you said to print it twice, will it cut two copies side x side or will it leave a lot of waste by printing them on top of each other?
If the image will fit side x side, it will do so. Otherwise they are going up the side. Frequently I need to play with rotation to get the maximum number of images in the least amount of space.
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I cheat. If I want to cut 2 or 3 or 10 of an item I just cut and paste a second, third or 10th image in Great Cut.

That lets me arrange them how I want for minimum use of vinyl.

Stick a weeding border around the first one and then stack them about 1/8" apart. :D
I agree with you. Creating the multiple images first and then rearranging them before sending them to your cutter software is the best way to minimize your vinyl use.
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