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can you apply heat-pressed rhinestones on printed?

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Is it possible to heat press rhinestones after the shirt is printed? The rhinestones will be in the printed area. If it's possible, is it with plastisol inks or waterbased inks?
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I am not sure about plastisol, but I add them on my dtg stuff after printing and I dont have any problems with them adhering. So I can say that they do well with water based ink :)
No probs with waterbased. Don't know about plastisol but I would imagine a heat press would damage the print so probably best to apply one at a time wih a soldering iron/kandikane. That depends on how many you want to apply.

It is not a problem for us either. I have a DTG priter and a robotic rhinestone machine. Check out the shirt we did.



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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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