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Here are some notes on 100% poly printing:
First of all it is very easy to stain these shirts with yellowing from the pretreat. Precautions need to be taken to reduce this issue. First I am not using Kraft paper to cure ink or pretreat like I do with all other shirts. I use a finely textured Teflon sheet instead, but I am sure regular Teflon or parchment paper/quilon would be fine too. When curing inks I do two presses of 35 seconds. I press the first time, and then stack them in a pile to wait for their second press after all are done. Then at the end of printing I press them all again. This cool time seems to prevent yellowing. I am spraying these 100% poly A4 tees with IA light at 2.5 turns on the viper one.
The other thing I find necessary is to lower the ink % a little bit down to 85-90% or so. Reason being is that in high res mode at 100% it is actually bleeding through the back of the shirt a little bit. I can see a slight ghosting of my image on the back.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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