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can this be done...in inkscape

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well Moo Spot Prints did this with Illustrator


Do anyone know if this can be done using open source inkscape

Have any one tried it? well if anyone decides to trys it can you please let me know how its done or if it can or not...
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Use markers.

First make a circular shape (or whatever you want). Make it a path (select, Object to Path - ctrl-shift-c).
Still selected, lock W,H. Set the size in whatever unit you prefer.
From Object menu, choose Objects to Marker.

Draw a path.
Select path, from effects menu, choose Modify Path - Add Nodes,
choose Division method: By max. segment length.
Choose distance between nodes (where your markers will appear). Apply. Close the Add Nodes window.
With path selected, choose Fill and Stroke menu (ctrl-shift-f).
Choose no fill (unless you want it).
Choose stroke transparent (a=0).
Choose Stroke Style - Marker and choose the marker you defined before. The width parameter in unit px will be a multiplier for the size you gave the circle before.

You can adjust the distance between markers/nodes individually, if you need to.
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You can also make it using Effects - Generate from Path - Pattern along Path.

It can also be made with LPE effects (ctrl-shift-7).

In the development versions, you can define a brush and draw it freehand style (and a few other ways).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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