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Can someone tell me everything there is to know about dye sublimation

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Can anyone tell me what kind of printer, ink cartrigdes, shirts, and transfers that I would need. Also where would the best place to get them be and what does a dye sublimation shirt look like when it is finished.

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Dye sublimation inks, at least 65% polyester 35% cotton shirts..Hanes makes them especially for sublimation. Any substrate coated for dye sublimation printing...there are specialty products out there just for this purpose if you do an internet search. Shirts look good and feel good as only the ink transfers to the fabric...actually physically bonds with the polyester.
You can find a LOT of great information on dye sub at: http://www.dyesub.org/
For you dye sublimation you will need: Epson printer, dye sub inks and dye sub transfer papers (preferrably high release for fabrics).

Shirts must have high polyester content, the more the better. Dye sub inks cannot dye organic fibers such as cotton. There are many new poly shirts on the market that are geared toward the athletic market.

Your transfer graphic will be superb. There will be absolutely no "hand" or feel to the graphic as nothing is transfered to the fabric. It will have outstanding wash characteristics and will never crack, peel or fade.

Be aware there are no "white" inks for dye sublimation. Any white area in your graphic will be the color of the fabric you are transfering to. Unfortunately, this limits us from printing on dark shrits.

There are many suppliers for supplies and blanks. Do visit the www.dyesub.org site to learn more.
X3 to visit DyeSub.org. :cool:
Click on Articles to get all the info you need.

thanks for the dyesub link. this is an avenue i'm interested in pursuing with my shop, and dyesub is now bookmarked.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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