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can someone recommend the digitiser mb to a beginner?

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can someone recommend the digitiser mb to a beginner?

i am asking myself if someone can help
i just had a look at an advert from janome about the digitiser
is the software easy to use?
Will someone recommend it to ab full beginner? Or are there other programs better to be good for a beginner?
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Hi Silke,

The Janome software is user-friendly and has all the options you need for a beginner and a semi-pro.
Janome did put a manual by the package, and a online help function is included in the software.

I have been using this software (digitizer mb pro) for a while and i am very pleased with it.
And the best of it all: you don't have to pay $15000 for it.

On youtube you can find some basic instructions for the software.

hi jacob
thank you for your answer.
do you know if ther is a free trial about from the program?
i mean how will i know if it is any good fore me
if i cant try it out!
like to here from you
Hi Silke,

Just as i said, the software is great.
If you want to try it then maybe you should go to a dealer that can show you some things you would like to do, bring a logo that you would like to do and ask if he can show you the possibilities to digitize.

Good luck.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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