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Hi there,

I'm new to these forums and am finding the layout a bit confusing so if this question has been asked before which im sure it has i apolgoise.

I've bought a heat press machine. Decent one 30cm x 30cm.

I was wondering about the methods of heat transferring. I think i've looked at so much that i've over complicated it for myself.

So can you just get blank t shirts, and print on transfer paper with a usual printer and heat transfer it on? - also can you do this on dark shirts? and can you do this on hoodies for example?

Also, can someone explain the difference between vinyl and heat transfer paper?

I may have got this completely wrong or be asking stupid questions here but it'd be great to clear it in my mind.

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Welcome to the forums. There is a lot to explain and a lot to learn but this is a great for that. But if you only have a heat press then you will be doing either custom plastiol transfers you order from a company that uses your artwork to make the transfers or a company that offers stock transfers. Or print on transfer paper with ink jet or laser printer to then apply to the garment. Vinyl with require a plotter unless you are going to order custom vinyl from a company that offers that service. Here are some links that might help.


Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper - T-Shirt Forums

Laser Heat Transfer Paper - T-Shirt Forums

Vinyl Cutters (Plotters) and Transfers - T-Shirt Forums

I hope this helps, and as socceronly said order samples from different companies and test.

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