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can someone help me with photoshop/illustrator questins?

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i have (up until now) only used photoshop to make my designs.

i am now trying to learn corel draw and illustrator.

i have a design that i had already completed in photoshop.

can someone tell me the basic steps to take to take the file from photoshop (i guess using a jpg file) and bring it into illustrator and do what i need to do so it is ready to send to the printer?

i have other designs that are partially done that i would like to bring into illustrator to finish, but i don't know much about illustrator yet.

thank you for your help!
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You can import it into either but why? If you did it in photoshop and it's good you don't need to take it anywhere. Do you need to change it? maybe if you showed us what you have and what you want to do to it we can give better advice.
because the guy that does printing for me either doesn't have photoshop or doesn't know how to use a photoshop file. i don't know. : /

i have searched around to find someone else, but everyone else is at least a couple (or several) dollars more per shirt.

i am going to try and learn illustrator, but for this design, it seems silly for me to have to redo the whole thing from scratch.

let me see if i can post the image (haven't posted here much)


thank you for your help!


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because the guy that does printing for me either doesn't have photoshop or doesn't know how to use a photoshop file. i don't know. : /!
First, I think you need to find out for sure from your printer exactly what kind of file he/she needs or wants to be able to print your designs....then we can go from there.
is the shirt going to be blue?

to use this as just photoshop, all you have to do is change the yellow and white layer to black and delete the blue layer. make sure that it's high dpi so the letters and image are not jagged.

have the yellow and white into two different layers and just put a cropmark on each and print.

to do this in illustrator, you would have to get the text tool and the circle tools and make the circles and have the text tool to wrap around it. for the horse image, you will have to trace it with the pen tool in illustrator.

hope that kinda makes sense and helps :)
To vectorize your design in Illustrator:

1. Open the .psd file in Illustrator.
2. In the Layers pallette, click the circle on the layer.
3. Select Object/Live Trace/Tracing Options.
4. Click the Mode drop down and select Color.
5. In the Max Colors, choose the amount of colors (according to the design).
6. Click on the Ignore White check box.
7. Click on the Trace button.
8. Click Object/Expand.
9. Repeat for each layer.

Click on View/Outline to see if design is displayed in outline.

For text only layers:

1. Select the text layer in the Layers pallette.
2. Click on Type/Create Outlines.

Hope this helps.
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i know he likes the files to be corel draw or illustrator. i can send him jpg, but sometimes something gets messed up in the conversion.

thank you for the tips. i can't do it right now, but i will give it a try later when i get a chance.

: )
i am trying it now and i don't see an ignore white checkbox.

: /
The jpeg is bad news. Use that format only for presentation, showing someone what your art looks like. Jpeg is a lossy format. Use a tif or a native photoshop file as the final to be output to film.
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