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Can someone help me with best method for making positive of this picture?

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Hello all,

I am new here and am finally trying to get up and running with my screen printing. I'll remind you that I am starting from nothing and very primitive equipment.

So far through trial and error I have finally gotten the developing of my screens on target using a hallogen lamp. I am currently only doing single colors and focussing on doing old punk rock flyers and band pics.

One of my main problems is making a pictre usable to make a screen with. Mine turn out looking like big blurs by the time I am done with them due to the half tones in the pictures. I realize that only using one color makes it so I have to be exact with the lines and a sharp contrast.

Anyway, I am up for suggestion, for the easiest way to go and more user friendly program. Currently I am using ADOBE CS3 and CS5 on my computers but can probably get ahold of other ones. I have also uploaded the picture I want to do.

Below are the images I would like to use. I got them off of the net so the quality is not that great. I am currently waiting on the record that I happenned to get off ebay and when I get it I am hoping it will be easier to work with once I scan it at a better resolution.

Thanks for your help in advance,


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You don't need different software, you just need some more knowledge about the software. In Photoshop you would take the image to a gray scale image and then to bitmap and then halftone it. You can find a lot of tutorials on the web about this stuff.

One thing to note though, you might be infringing on someone's copyright and actually making an illegal product if you are taking any art that you do not have a license from the copyright owner.
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Thank you about the copyright info but in some senses that particular band is okay with making designs like that. They just don't dig it when official merch is copied then reproduced.

Thanks for the other info too. I have been slowly learning photoshop skills. It has been fun when I find the time and that is whatever time I can slip in between things even sometimes staying up all night.
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