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Can Someone Help Me??? I need a DST file

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so i created a simple design for my little bro. I want to put the design on a hat for him. When i went to the local shop, they told me that i need a .dst file. wth is that. so i did a search and ended up here so i was hoping someone could help me. if i provide the jpeg or .ai file could one of you create the .dst file for me. i need the hat done before sat!!!!

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The print shop you take the image to should be able to make the DST file for you for a fee.

It is a paid service that is offered by many companies. Here's one that can do it relatively inexpensively and fast: ArtWorkSource.Com, Inc | Home
I don't think yoj will find anyone to convert to a .dst file without a fee... After all they have invested in the software/experience to be able to do that
A DST file is the result of digitizing a design for embroidery. That is to say, a digitizer takes a graphic (such as a jepg), and creates a file that gives sewing instructions to the embroidery machine.

This is not a matter of simply converting from one file format to another. It requires specialized skills of a digitizer.

The embroiderer should be able to create the file for you. I would expect the cost to be at least $45. Cost usually depends on the number of stitches, colors, and the size and complexity of the design.

It's in your best interest to have the person who will be embroidering the item do the digitizing. If the embroiderer is not capable of digitizing the graphic, or does not have a resource to sub contract it out, then I'm afraid they probably aren't very experienced.

If having your own design digitized is beyond your budget, then consider using a stock design provided by your embroiderer, or plain text.
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