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Well I have a black search and other dark shirts that are screen printed on, but am not quite sure what type of screen printing ink/type it is.

The shirt is

1) black
2) The paint isn't thick, but you can feel it
3) The colors are white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, & gray
***4) When I stretch the shirt where the ink is at, the design does not crack, it just stretches with the shirt and goes back to its regular shape***
***5) When I dried the shirt before however, a white design got on top of itself, and when I pulled it apart, the one of the design pulled off of the shirt but stuck to the other design.

Can anyone tell me what type of ink this is? Sorry for such a newbie question, I don't know how a plastisol (sic) or any other screen printing paint looks & feels like.

If you are wondering why I listed the color, it was because I'm curious if they placed white paint on it before they placed the red, orange, blue, etc to make it stand out. Or.. it is just the regular color that they put onto the shirt?

Also, why do some screen printed shirts have cracked designs after washing them? Is it because of the paint they used or is it a poorly made shirt?

Sorry for the questions.. but thank you for answering.

Here is the shirt that I am talking about... but the black one

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