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Can someone help me figure out what font this is?

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Hi! I have a customer wanting their logo in the font of this name. Can anyone help me identify it? thanks!


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If you are using a graphic program just trace it, if the name is all you need.
my bad i read your post wrong, i thought it said (they want there logo in front of that name).
I don't recognize that one but you may find one that's close at dafont.com
Go to What the font upload a picture of the font, and it will tell you what font it is. Sometimes if you cut out each individual letter and paste them in a single image by themselves it works better than just uploading the picture you have there. Sort of like a ransom letter... Lol
Like Bluegecko said, WhatTheFont site may help.

I tried for you and here are some suggestions the site came with : Filmotype Hamlet, Janda Happy Day,...

:) Hope this helps.


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The font name is "Janda Happy Day", except the top of the K is covered by an egg!
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