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Can some one experienced help me?

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Okay some im trying to jump start my clothing line and get everything legit so I can develop a hous hold brand name. But I know before I can do that I need to take care of all my paper work..so good Old Uncle Sam dont come knocking on my door..lol

I want to register my company but currently not making any money but I want a tax id number so i can get a AA account. So could I juist get and EIN number? I am also going to trademark my clothingline name I know that cost $375 and takes like a year to do. But is there anything else I should do make by company legit? Should I get a ficitious name to or is a trademark good enough? Also to protect my images on my t-shirt should I copyright my artwork and how much does that cost? Im trying to tally up my upcoming expenses to make everything happen so if you can think of something please add the cost.

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I have been using my SSAN for 8 years..as sole proprietor...and as for protecting your designs...I for one don't worry about it...if someone takes my design, it will cost me 30-50 as a minimum to take legal action which may or maynot be successful...and then there are different jurisdictions to worry about and the likely hood of my stuff being a house hold name is not to high...If I were you, I would just worry about getting some designs out and make some money first
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