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Can ink (permaset) go bad?

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Out of nowhere I seem to be printing shirts that can't survive the washing machine. I just heatset a new one, and put it in the machine with two older shirts. Only the new shirt failed to the wash.

I've never seen ink go bad before but what else could it be? This ink is only a year old, it's a large tub and it's near the bottom.

Does ink go bad? If so is there anyway to extend or preserve the life of inks or is this just par for the course.

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I've heard that water based sometimes gets moldy, other than that, or freezing, I'm not aware of an issue.

I have some colors of Permaset that are around 3 years old and work fine.

Have you stirred the "large tub" as you've been using it? Possible, I suppose, that the components separated to some extent, don't know.
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