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Can I use sublimation refills on used Canon MP258 HP Deskjet 2060?

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Hello, I'm considering purchasing a heat press. At present, I have an HP Ink Advantage 2060 and a Canon MP258, and plan on buying a more suitable printer later once business gets rolling. What are the possible consequences of filling my used cartridges with sublimation inks on my present printers?

Where I live, the cheapest recommended option for a sublimation-ink-compatible printer is an Epson T13, but I'd like to make do with what I have first.
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Because of the difference in the printhead technology of the two printers I don't think it work. And if not you will have spent $$ for ink you can't use. I don't know if it could damage your printer. I think I would wait until you get an Epson
I agree with Charles regarding the differences in the printhead it may not work. Also, you can not just fill used cartridges, you have to have a set of refillable ones & a chip resetter or they will not be read as filled.
Thanks for the response guys. Sorry for the late acknowledgement. An Epson it is then...
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