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you can. There are two ways, the print quality on larger images frankly is NOT good just FYI since I own a 12, 60 and 600

you need to buy special transfer tape just for this also for use on removing the printed image after the job is complete (printed and cut)

make sure for the first method you use RESIN ink carts, the resin carts are numbered above 8 (barcode labels OVER 8) you need to buy media to print on which would be ColorPrint for thermal printers. Print RIGHT READING then wait a couple hours before weeding and masking, then heat press at appropriate temperatures onto garment and remove masking.

the second method which I am not sure how to do since I haven't done it but I read about it, is using WAX carts print with wax carts in REVERSE reading onto a clear carrier transfer and then trim carrier paper and flip over and heat press onto garment... haven't tried the later method but I know it can be done... you really have to do a LOT of reading for these machines as there is rarely any documentation online on how to use them.... I am still learning and I've owned mine for a little over 8 months. BE PATIENT most people don't have the patience for these machines, BE CLEAN clean often and frequently to make sure your printhead will survice, CLEAN ALL MEDIA prior to using it to ensure proper bonding of inks. The machines are good, but not for everyone.. most people get too frustrated and get rid of them.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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