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I am moving across the country in a few days. I have like 10 jars of Permaset Aqua ink that I recently purchased, and I am not sure if I am able to fly with it in my checked bag- does anyone know? My furniture and all my stuff won't be arriving for a few weeks, so I really want to bring it with me now instead of having to pack it for shipping (planning to buy a basic screenprinting setup once I get there).

I have read that pant isn't technically allowed in baggage, but since it is water-based, I am thinking maybe it could be ok? Does anyone know?

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Take the MSDS with you. It does actually say that it is OK for air transport.

What I would do:
Just ship them in a couple of USPS flat rate boxes. It will cost around the same as the additional luggage and you don't have to carry it.

Further info:
Wording is important... Always use the word "ink".
Paint is a forbidden word in aviation travel, and don't expect airport staff to be trained or have any common sense.
The reality is that both Plastisol and water based inks are OK in checked-in luggage. Both have flash points well above the 60C threshold and they are not DOT regulated (obvious from the MSDS documents).
A bag full of PVC toys is basically as flammable as plastisol...because they are actually the same thing.


Oops... I just realized I wasted my time responding to a resurrected necropost.
Oh well... maybe useful to someone.
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