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Can I sell mis-printed t-shirts?

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It's been a while since I've posted so go easy on me:).

I'm doing a small festival called Karmafest this weekend where I intend to sell my inspirational t-shirts. I recently had a batch of shirts printed up and the printer printed the logo too high (did I say print too many times?). Anyway, the line of text on the shirt is printed about 2 inches too high (too close to the neckline). I got them for a big discount and he printed them correctly for me. I tried attaching a picture here, in case that helps you answer the question.

My question is: Can I sell these misprinted shirts at the festival (for a discount, of course) if I'm honest about why they are on sale? I will also have the properly printed shirts available. Or is this just cheesy and cheap of me??


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You paid for them, didn't you?

Then why can't you sell them?

If someone asked, I wouldn't hesitate to tell them. But I'm guessing you won't be asked that many times.

Good luck. Love the idea of a karmafest.
Hi again, Kelly. :)

Are they all women's tees? ~whispering~ if they are, nothing for nothing, but bustlines do all fall in different places. Some women may prefer higher print, and while others may prefer the lower print. I would think most girls have a preference where text lands on their shirts, and some may be grateful to have an opportunity to choose where the eye will be drawn to on the front of the shirt.

I know you have the print location in mind, but most people who buy shirts don't print shirts, so it won't cross their minds. If you just present both shirts as different fashion styles, as an option for them to choose their preference, almost like a juniors version, and a misses, they may be pleased.

Wouldn't it be funny if the higher print sold better? Well, sometimes accidents are the best things that can happen to a person. Be greater than the hand you were dealt, haha.

Good luck with them, hope it all works out. Hope things are still going well for you, outside of this, which may turn out good afterall. If you get a chance to post the final results, I know I'd like to know how it all turns out for you. Best wishes. :)
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I would recommend against selling them for different prices. Kelly has a good point that people like different things and I would sell the mistakes at the same price and not tell anyone they are mistakes.

Is your picture the correct placement? Because it looks fine to me. Any lower it would be right across the bust line or slightly below the bust line on many women.
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Thanks everyone! I hadn't really thought about it in those ways. I'll let you know how it goes.
Yes, totally sell them at the same price, and thank you, Rick, for specifically saying that. I was inferring that - but did not say it directly. Great post.

Good luck, Kelly, and if it all works out, maybe all of us in the thread will get some good karma! :)
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