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Hello everyone,

I'm close the opening my t-shirt line and only a few things to do. Because Im based in the UK and a majority of my sales are from the USA I have to have an RN number. Because Im based in the UK I can not get a RN number until I move to USA so at the minuete Im using Gildans RN number. I just have a few questions that I would like answered please. I have seen these questions around the forum but never answered so here goes....

Do you have to have an RN number or can you use your company name instead? As the Rn is only for liability claims and I would rather take it than Gildan?

If you have to have an RN number, along with the washing and size discription can it be placed on the receipt instead of a tag? I remember seeing someone say as long as the customer has a way of finding it there should be no problem but I just wanted to clear up?

Thanks and I hope this forum comes in handy. Im sure it will.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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