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As Dave said, yes you can do print halftones without a RIP and generally RIP does makes operation much easier.

It will be a tedious process doing it in corel but if you really want to learn how it can be done, then follow these instruction:

1. Import your picture in corel (Ctrl + I).
2. Resize the image to your size preference.
3. Change the image into greyscale. >Bitmaps>Mode>Greyscale...
4. Change the image's resolution atleast 300dpi (higher will be best). >Bitmaps >Resample...
5. (only do this if necessary) Experiment and eliminate some greys and add highlights to your image by using the tone curves. >Effects >Adjust >Tone Curve...
6. Apply halftone to your image. >Bitmaps >Mode > Black and White (1 bit)...
>>> Conversion Method : Halftone
>>> Screen Type : Round
>>> Degrees : 45
>>> lines per inch (LPI): 40 (lower value will generate coarse pattern and higher value will generate finer dot pattern).
7. Print directly to printer.

:) Hope this helps, Goodluck! :)

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Thanks All, appreciate the info. I know nothing about Ghostscript, I'll look into it. I've printed half tones before using a large postscript printer but was under the impression that the Epson wasn't a postscript printer and I'd need a RIP or something. Printer should be here in a couple of days and I'll hopefully be less confused when I give it a go.
Thanks again, Steve.
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