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Can I make a custom hoop for a Brother Entrepreneur ProX?

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I'm trying to embroider a 30"x30" area on a Brother Entrepreneur ProX (PR1050X). However, the largest hoop available is much smaller than this. If I built a custom hoop for this machine is there a way to override the hoop dimensions in the machine to embroider that large? Or, does anyone know of another machine that might embroider this size? Thank you!
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There no way I know of to override max hoop dimensions in any embroidery machine. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong). Also, I don't think there's a machine on the market that will embroider an area that large in one hooping. I think you'll have to split the design in embroidery software and do multiple hoopings.

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The machine is only capable of moving 8 inches top to bottom. Without multiple hoopings, it is physically impossible on that machine. Fast Frames makes a 14x14 frame where you split the design but that's the max...

Fast Frames 102-012 14x14" Jumbo Hoop Brother PR1000 PR1050X, Babylock Multi Needle Embroidery Machines at AllBrands.com

I doubt there is anything less than a really LARGE commercial machine that would allow you to stitch a 30x30 area in one hooping. Most of the home/shop sized commercial machines don't stitch much larger than 18 inches tall or wide.
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