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Can I be competitive with shirts?

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I have a good friend that is running for Sheriff and wants me to do like 100 shirts for him. Right now it looks like a small amount of text with like five stars in a semi circle on the back of a shirt.

My question, he wants them on a green shirt, if they where white shirts and I was using the 1100 I don't think I would have a problem cost wise, however if I am going to do this with easy weed can it still be done at a reasonable cost. I am not in this for a real business although who doesn't like to make money, but being retired time is not a issue. What do you folks think?
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hi bill,

i don't know how much easy weed costs but the other variables like
labour and time would be reasonable if you mean,

"small amount of text", means like 5-6 words.

how big are the words? if they are like 1" high, i think you can do this super easy!
the stars would have no internal weeding and depending on the words you would just
have to weed those.

go for it! you can whip out a 100 easy!
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hello. been checking out this forum a looong time but first time posting....anyways, i just did 50 black t's in orange and white font and sold them for $10 per shirt. it took my wife and i about 5 hours to cut, weed, and press all of them. then we sold them at the high school during graduation and made about $300 net. my only regret? coulda sold about 20 more. well my point is, if 50 is doable, 100 shirts for a friend is totally doable.

just my 2 cents worth.
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