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can i ask for feedback on an unrelated site that i built?

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I have been trying to get feedback from all sorts of people on this website that i have built. The thing is, i ask feedback from other web developers, and they pick apart certain things that you would expect a web developer to pick apart, and then i asked from photographers, who picked apart OTHER things you would expect a photographer to pick apart.. But i needed to ask some people who are NOT related to web design and photographer (although if you are here and are a web designer or photographer, i will still value your feedback)

I just didnt want to actually post the link until i got an ok from an official telling me that it wasnt against the rules.

I am not advertising anything. We only do LOCAL photoshoots and only sell products to those who commission a photo shoot, so no one here would ACTUALLY be interested in buying.. So i'm not hocking my store
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I doubt the mods would remove it as long as it's posted in the Site Review/Design review section.

Keep in mind that many members frequent the same area because it relates to what they do the most of. I frequent the graphics forum moreso than the other forums here, although I check the "Unread posts" section to see if there's anything of interest. So don't be surprised if you end up with more webmasters spouting "What would Jakob do" or similar :)
well, i do think there MIGHT be an issue because it is a photography site and NOT a t-shirt or printing site..

I just want to make sure before i post
Or you could post it in the lounge area, where we discuss things not related to this industry (t-shirt, etc).
haha.. Ok. but if i get points deducted, or whatever, for posting the link, i am going to blame you!

I like it. I'd say you did a pretty good job. I liked the photography and everything seems easy to get to. I think the "Fashion" link at the top is dead. Other than that it's good looking site.
Hi Lindsay,

Anytime when posting a site for review, it needs to be in this site design and review section. I have moved it for you :) The reason is that it is the only place you are allowed to link to your site, other then the initial member introduction.
Oh yea.. we were re-building the fashion page, so i had to pull it temp. Ignore that in your review :)

thanks for moving the post.. I wasnt sure, thats why i asked first!
hi lindsay,

here are my regular person thoughts.

I like that the colors pop on the photos, which is whats most important. i like the concept where each link has its own heading just below the nav bar, though it seems just a tad top heavy. but still very nice.

I also like that its everything looks super clean. all the pictures are aligned, clean edges, etc. The borders on a lot of the pictures are also nice.

For some constructive criticism: I feel like the 2 navigation bars are a bit overwhelming. maybe you can cut those to half a dozen or so. or maybe split up login, cart, checkout and stick everything on the black bar into "portfolio." just a thought.

the text below the pictures on the left side seem a little out of place. and i also feel like there is a lot of different fonts on the front page.

i just went through the same process and didnt like the typical, "looks good" responses, always liked the goods as well as the bads so i hoped this helped. Its a very nice site and youre definitely in the right direction. hope im a help.

good luck
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the text below the pictures on the left side seem a little out of place.
oops. i meant right side.
i think you have too many fonts going on

sme of the pics/banners/etc dont line up and i'm a stickler for things like that....maybe right justify things....hmmmm

i would take out the 'art of photography' banner too or make it smaller...... hmmmmm.....

but then again i like things clean and simple
WOAH.. where do they not line up?! i am OBSESSIVE with that stuff, and on my screen, it is perfect.. What kind of monitor are you looking at the site on?

I also agree with the top heavy with the double banners, but then i thought, its a photography site, you kind of expect it to be a little heavy in places anyways.. If i make the ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY banner smaller, it would look unbalanced.

I'm not sure how I would cut the navigation bars down more?? I was actually going to take OUT the "portfolio" link and replace it with a HIRE ME or PRICING link.. which wouldnt really make it less cluttered.

I just dont know where i would put the login, cart, checkout links??

I was thinking about adding a box on the right with a login form, but then again, people dont REALLY log in until the have to, which is at checkout.. and i didnt want to remove the checkout link because sometimes people dont realize that they can click the shopping cart image to checkout.. so i wanted to make a second, more obvious link. Hmm.. maybe i can add a CHECKOUT button inside of the shopping cart box.. that would get rid of that Shopping Cart AND the Checkout, becaise i can make the CHECKOUT link bring them to the shopping cart contents, where they view the contents and THEN checkout.

WOO HOO good idea!!!!

I like the negative just as much as the positive..
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haha.. Ok. but if i get points deducted, or whatever, for posting the link, i am going to blame you!

No problem...:):)
i'm viewing in the new firefox...i'll try IE
i'm viewing on the new firefox too.. What size/res. monitor do you have.. and WHERE are the off?
on first look from a design perspective it is hard to follow, there are so many strong elements that it feels like I'm being overloaded with pictures and info. It may just be me but I like a little bit more condensed menu bar with a rollover drop down list of other areas of interest.. And the pages dont keep the same consistency. Like you have your home page with the 'bars' of pictures then below that you have individual pictures.. Maybe rather than showing all your good pictures and putting them up, use your great pictures as the bars, then when clicking on a bar it shows more pictures of the pet/model etc..

Just my .02
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