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Can anyone make a photo blanket?

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Last minute - decided to get a friend a hilarious birthday gift, a 50x60 photo blanket. I'm shopping online and see that places like WalMart, CVS, and Vistaprint do them - any of you guys do them? I'm assuming they are dye sublimation? I could be wrong, I just noticed that the blankets I have found are 100% poly. I'd rather send my business your way if you have the time! I only do spot dye sublimation, so I can't do it myself :(

I know it's a rush, but I need it by Friday ... Just thought I'd post here in case anyone is looking for the business. Send me your prices and shipping fee for a Friday delivery. I can order through one of the big box stores, if not. :)

My graphic is 9300x7800 for a 50"x60" blanket. Thanks!
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Well shoot, Dave beat me to it. I was just going to recommend him. :)
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