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Can Alibaba be trusted?

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I am a 69 year old newby, just getting prepared to operate, and hoping this business will be fun and profitable. Hoping to keep costs down, I ordered a heat press through Alibaba. On the day the manufacturer said they were ready to ship, Alibaba said they took too long, cancelled the order, and said they were returning my money. That was Feb 19th, and I still have no machine and no refund. I have tried to contact them several times, but their online rep says she can't help. When I try to go through their complaint process they demand proof be attached to the email, but the form won't let me attach the proof. Is there a way to get through, or are they thieves as they appear?:mad:
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As I understand it, Alibaba is, has or is about to float on a stock exchange. If it was Alibaba that canceled, you should get your money.
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