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We want to sell our CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Machine 1V-6P because we are changing operations. When you purchase the machine you also get:

a) a high end air compressor unit along with dryer and filters for the machine
b) T-Shirts ready to be printed
c) GEM Software for the creation of motifs
d) Hundreds of designs in the software ready to be produced with the push of a button
e) Thousands of gross in rhinestones and rhinestuds/octagons all AAA quality from S.Korea
f) Contacts of prestigious producers/suppliers of raw materials needed for the production of motifs such as rhinestones, rhinestuds/octagons and hotfix tape with the best prices, quality and service.

Cams Rhinestone Machine Specs

- It can create motifs with rhinestones, rhinestuds/octagons, nailheads and pearl studs.
- 6 Colors (Cups)
- Working area: 15.75"(X) x 15.75"(Y)
- Power: Single phase - AC 110V, 400w, 50/60Hz
- Maximum working speed: 170 stones/minute
- Dimensions: D 36.6″ x W 39.7″ x H 46.4″
- Air Consumption: ~ 120/min
- Weight: 440 lbs

GEM Software

- Create easily and very fast motifs for production
- No knowledge of COREL Draw or other software is required
- It is automatically calculating the exact number of stones a motif has
- No matter how many colors or different stones a motif has, the design can be made in a few minutes
- Design motifs with background images
- We can provide training via Skype or TeamViewer

Ceccato CSM3 B (Air Compressor Unit WITH Dryer) Specs

Screw Compressor

A small-power machine with big-compressor components:
- a high-efficiency screw unit for compressing air without
metal parts touching;
- an efficient cooling system;
- dry air in the DRY version with dryer;
- completely automatic operation for an industrial service;


(Both the complete air compressor system and the container are Italian made.)

Cordivari Huge Air Compressed Container 270ltrs.

The machine and all the rest is located in Greece, Athens.

Asking price for all the above is FOB 28.000 Euros.

Please contact me if you are interested: greeneye77[USER=135513]@Hot[/USER]mail.com


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