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We have emails and messages in to ColDesi but in dire need of help this weekend.

The machine suddenly stopped running in the beginning of a very important and costly project and we are in urgent need of some help to troubleshoot if you are available.

I took the back panel of to examine the equipment and I attached a picture of it. When the key is turned, the 3 units on the right in the back click in place and make the loud "clunk" sound as normal and the fans run and various light indicators light up on some of the other equipment in the back. But there is no audible "beep" like it usually makes, no power light on the front and the display on the front does not come on.

I see there are a couple of tiny light bulbs on the large circuit board on the back left but they are not on.

Any info from fellow CAMS users would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time,


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